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Best Hand Clothes Wringer

Best Hand Clothes Wringer
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Best Hand Clothes Wringer



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Nobody likes wet clothes. That's why we sell a hand wringer that removes much of the water depending on the fabric or clothes type. Ask for our hand clothes wringer. It's great for bulky items such as wringing towels and chamois. It's great for thin items too (adjustable squeeze rollers). For jeans and other uneven clothes items you'll find success but understand that not as much water can be wringed out from such items where the pockets and other doubled fabric combine. Use it at work, garages, car washes, motels, swimming pools, hospitals and your home. Longer life to clothes, chamois, towels, bathing suits, etc. Solid and well built here in the USA, the hand wringer has a rustproof, all-steel frame, steel tube handle, and zinc plated finish. Hard maple bearings never need oil. A single, adjustable screw applies pressure at center of a flat, tempered steel spring. So pressure is balanced over entire length of wringing roller. Attach to stationary tub, portable tubs, round wash tubs, square wash tubs or oval wash tubs. Clamps open to 1 3/4". The wringer's metal frame size is 15.5" wide. With the crank handle attached it extends the length to 29". The frame height is 8.5" but extends to 10.25" counting the tension screw knob on top. The metal frame is 2" deep with a 6" drip tray the slides into the frame under the rollers. The usable inside width is 11.25" from one side of the roller to the other. Weighs about 15 lbs assembled. Great for wringing chamois or wringing towels too. The best hand wringer available and good stuff to get prepared. Note: Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii requires additional postage. Please contact seller for quote and shipping arrangements to avoid orders being canceled.

  • Can remove much of water from clothes, towels and chamois a true green wash wringer

  • Rustproof all steel frame like antique washing wringers

  • Hand crank steel tube handle for manual wringing

  • Zinc plated finish like the old wringer washers

  • Attaches to round galvanized tubs or square wash tubs

Product Details:
Product Weight: 15.0 pounds
Package Length: 18.9 inches
Package Width: 12.8 inches
Package Height: 4.0 inches
Package Weight: 15.2 pounds
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